September 20, 2016

About us

  • ●Any professional service you can think of, we have that.
  • ●The moment you are hired at Deloitte. You are able to choose your path at Deloitte.
  • ●We emphasize career ownership.
  • ●Up to you to see where you want to do.

Professional services

  • ●Advisory- Help clients identify competitor risk and advisory helps deal with that risk
  • ●Consulting- Map out processes. Could be strategy, HR, and technology.
  • ●Audit- Once the company is performing, assure financial statements are not materially misstated
  • ●Tax

Global Development Program

  • ●Spend 1 or 2 years overseas working on engagements.
  • ●Apply and talk to your counselor to make it possible

Our culture is about networking. We have unofficial and official mentors.

Deloitte University

  • ●Located in Dallas,Texas
  • ●5 star training center
  • ●Great place to network
  • ●Change to be changed. Focus on the soft skills and develop communication skills
  • ●Hones in on those leadership skills
  • ●Always learning going on both virtual and in-person training
  • -The internet of things- Audit side, Deloitte invested 100 million on innovation and getting data.
  • -Everyone on the team has to come up with a new innovation trip.
  • -Adopt early And often- Clients look to us to provide insights even on the audit side

What impact will you make?

Bottom line is choose your niche.


  • -Whole firm shuts down and goes out and does a community service project