Firm Name: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited


Date: February 20, 2018

Professionals in Attendance:

  • Claire Chang - Campus Recruiter
  • Elizabeth Cortez - Incoming Audit Intern
  • Rachel - Incoming Tax Associate
  • Arash Moradi - Incoming Audit Intern
  • Caitlin Lopes- Campus Recruiting Coordinator
  • Chris Gauss - Senior Tax Manager
  • Summer Taylor - Assurance Manager

Presentation: How to prepare for an interview

Preparing for behavioral interviews: What Deloitte looks for is communication skills

Your answers to questions will give a good look at STAR Method:

  1. Situation at hand
  2. Tasks that were necessary
  3. Actions you took
  4. Results that you ended up with

Do your research:

  • At the end of Deloitte interviews, you have 10 to 15 minutes to ask the interviewer questions
  • Do your research and ask questions that you can't find the answers easily online
  • "Take advantage and ask questions that you really want to learn the answers to." - Summer

What are behavioral questions:

  • "Pick a unique story when your faced with a behavioral question." - Summer
  • Expect teamwork and leadership questions during an interview
  • "How does your experience as a barista or a mechanic apply to working at Deloitte." - Chris
  • "I think sometimes students undersell their experience at a part-time or student organization position." - Claire

Additional tips to interview success:

  • Always come business professional unless stated otherwise
  • Stay away from heavy makeup or bright jewelry so the interviewer can stay focused on you
  • "We want to mirror what our clients are wearing." - Claire

End an interview on a high note:

  • Leave a good impression by shaking their hand, smile, and send a follow up thank you email
  • Don't send long emails with lots of questions, because these should've been asked during the interview
  • Take advantage and ask as many questions as possible until the time is up
  • Don't end the interview early or not ask any questions

Round two, the office visit:

  • You come to the office, get exposed to the culture, and network with more people at Deloitte
  • "If you get multiple summer leadership program offers, I would do as many as possible, so you get exposed to as much of the culture as possible for each firm." - Claire

Program Overview:

  • Envision Leadership Conference
    • Local leadership conference
    • This is set at the office you would like to launch your career in
    • Dates vary by office
  • Deloitte National Leadership Conference:
    • National leadership conference at Deloitte University in Texas
    • Students who get to attend DNLC get the opportunity to see Deloitte from a national perspective

Takes place on June 22 - 24

Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, February 25th is application deadline
  • Friday, March 9th is On-campus interviews