Firm Name: Ernst & Young


Date: February 13, 2018

Presentation Title: Natural Born Solvers

Professionals in attendance:

  • Christal Shillingford - Recruiter
  • Jacob - Tax Senior
  • Jason - Assurance Manager
  • Bernadette - Tax Senior
  • Jimmy Levers - Assurance Senior
  • Sheena - Tax Professional
  • Claudia - Tax Professional
  • Daniel - Audit Senior
  • Morgan Taylor - Assurance Manager
  • Jed - Audit Senior

EY did not want to do a traditional speaker meeting. They wanted to switch things up and make a truly interactive presentation. They created different puzzles for different areas that are relevant to traits of professionals at EY.

"This displays what we actually do at EY, rather than a typical PowerPoint presentation" - Jed

How accountants put their natural-born solver skills to use:

  • Puzzle #1: Dealing with incomplete data
    • "When you work in tax, you have to wait for the client to provide information to you. As a Senior, I have to continue making the project move forward even without all the data there." - Bernadette
    • "The number one thing I tell my staff is that you need the complete data set, or all the work you do is incorrect." - Jed
  • Puzzle #2: Leveraging different perspectives
    • "Just because you’re an associate, doesn't mean you're perspective isn't as important as a partner's." - Jed
    • "A staffer raised her hand during a meeting about a client. She told the partner that, her walk-through with the client was significantly different from what the partner just said. The partner followed up with the client, which caused changes to how the firm audits the client." - Jed
  • Puzzle #3: Ability to see the big picture
    • "When the partner asked the CFO regarding fraud, he disclosed some information. This information led to a complete change in our entire audit procedure for the client." - Morgan

Opportunities with EY for the Spring 2018 Semester:

  • Global Perspectives Program
    • Freshman program that occurs at the LA office for a one-day conference
  • Emerging Leaders Program
    • Sophomore program
    • Two-day Program that gives great access to the firm, culture, professionals, and possibly an early internship offer
  • Launch Internship:
    • Diversity internship
    • Open to students graduating December 2019 or May 2020
    • Rotational internship that covers audit, tax, and advisory