Date: March 6, 2018
Firm: Haskell & White LLP


  • Wayne Pinnell - Been with the firm for 12 years, and was previously with BDO as a managing partner
  • Nancy Weber - Brough - Campus Recruiter
  • Matt Russo - Interned twice with the firm, and started in January in the tax practice
  • Lane Wiggins - Incoming Audit and Advisory Associate
  • Ryan Mathis - Audit Intern

About the firm There are two Locations: Irvine - Main Headquarters, San Diego - Smaller, but growing location. Haskell and White focuses on the middle-market with 85 client-centered professionals and 10 entrepreneurial professionals. They work with public and private companies.

Awards and Reputation:

  • Proud reputation of PCOAB inspection reports and AICPA Peer Review reports
  • "Best Place to Work OC" for six consecutive years - OCBJ
  • Top Workplaces for Women Inaugural List 2017 - Accounting Today
  • Ranked as "Best Firms to Work For" - Accounting Today

Getting into the Accounting Industry:

  • Most students pursuing a degree in accounting choose one of the following:
    • Bachelor's
    • Master's
    • MBA
    • "Students should capitalize on your education and find the path that best fits you." - Wayne
    • Your Goal - Be the "Top Talent"
    • "Firms are looking for individuals with a good GPA, experience from either work or other activities, soft skills, leadership experience, and great communication. In other words they're looking for top talent." - Wayne

    Skills in High Demand:

    • Exceptional communication
    • Strong ability to learn
    • Calm, confident demeanor
    • Balancing Act - Can you do it?
    • A healthy sense of curiosity
    • Team skills
    • Software - capabilities

    Showcase your Abilities:

    • Go to speaker meetings, office tours, Meet the Firms, and any other event where professionals attend
    • Take time to learn about the organizations your interested in
      • "Don't ask 'what do you guys do here?'" - Wayne

    • Ask questions to peers who have done an internship, professors who have insight, or other professionals
    • Find out what's most important to you
    • Each organization has its own culture:
      • "Our culture at Haskell and White is very different from the culture of EY. Our Irvine location even has a different location from our San Diego location." - Wayne

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • Are you ready for a strong mentorship and learning?
    • Is career progression important?
    • Visit the office; what is the vibe?
    • What is the state of the current team members?
    • Visit Glassdoor and other on-line references to learn about organizations

    Why do Accountants Leave Public Accounting?

    • Most accountants who left the industry did so in search of a better quality of life
    • Seek a firm that provides high quality and also provides you the challenge and education you seek
    • Don't lose sight of the factors that matter to you in the recruiting/interviewing process

    Who are you? What message are you sending?

    • What is your on-line presence saying to others?
    • Make it easy to find your profile and positive details about you
    • Dress with a careful thought to the details
    • Hair, nails, shoes are all noticed by potential employers

    "Getting what you want takes a well thought out strategy; seek help and adjust as needed. Enjoy the journey." - Wayne