Firm: PwC


Office Location: Irvine, CA

Date: 9/12/17

Primary Recruiter:

  • Kaitlin Cottrell (

  • Professionals in Attendance:

  • Greg Njoes – Assurance Partner, CSUF Partner Champion
  • Ryan Smith – Assurance Partner
  • Eric De Jesus – Assurance Associate
  • Jonathan Le – Assurance Associate
  • Andrew Vaziri – Assurance Associate

  • Speaker Meeting Topic: Assurance at PwC: A Day in the Life

  • PwC looks for strong technical talent in addition to having an Accounting background, such as Data Analytics, Information Systems, Mathematics, and Statistics. Having a well- rounded portfolio is something the firm is really looking for and will help differentiate you.
  • At PwC, you’ll be exposed to varying experiences which will help you advance your career at a very quick pace.
  • As a first year, you get the opportunity to work in teams of people that can offer multiple perspectives and approaches to solving the same business problem.
  • If you’re studying for the CPA exam while working, teams tend to be very flexible and try to help you set aside some time to study.
  • As Interns, you will be treated with respect and given meaningful work instead of being tasked on coffee runs and scanning documents.

  • Useful Tips from PwC Professionals:

  • You gain a lot more flexibility transitioning from Senior Manager to Partner as you’re responsible for your own work and there isn’t really a boss that watches over you. As long as you continue to deliver, great opportunities will continue to come your way.
  • You should begin to figure out which line of service you’d like to be in within two years and try to obtain clients in the industry you are interested in.

  • Available opportunities with PwC this Fall semester:

  • Winter/Summer 2018 Internships and Summer/Fall 2018 Associate roles
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    5. Enter the event code: titans

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