Firm: RSM


Office Location: Irvine, CA

Date: 9/19/17

Primary Recruiter:

  • Andrea Fong (

  • Professionals in Attendance:

  • David Griffin – Tax Partner
  • Jeffrey Altshuler – Audit Partner
  • Albert Acosta – Tax Senior
  • Neo Earhart – Tax Associate
  • Chandler Yan – Tax Associate
  • Susan Luong – Tax Associate

  • Speaker Meeting Topic: Networking 101

  • RSM is the fifth largest audit, tax, and consulting firm in the US. They are the largest firm world-wide focused on serving the middle market.
  • The firm loves serving middle market companies because these entrepreneurial, growth- focused companies are the heart of the U.S. and global commerce and industry.
  • RSM’s brand promise after years of feedback gathered from clients is to be understood. The firm’s goal is to understand the complexity of their clients’ businesses, as well as the challenges that they are facing to provide relevant advice and services that apply directly to their unique situations.

  • Networking 101

  • Introducing Yourself
    • Handshake: a proper handshake communicates professionalism, confidence, and credibility.
    • Posture: use “open posture” which means standing tall with arms at sides.
    • Eye Contact: maintain eye contact during the introduction.
    • Voice: Not too soft and not shouting. Clear and confident, not soft or hesitant.
    • Attire: Dress for the occasion, but dress to impress.
  • The key to building professional networks is to be Intentional, Aware, Persistent, and Prepared.
    • Intentional: Know what you want and go to events that will help you get there. (Ex. Going to networking events to network with firms.)
    • Aware: Know what is going on and be in the moment when you are there. Remember people and what they say.
    • Persistent: Follow up with people. Go after what you want. Be smart.
    • Prepared: Go with a goal, have resumes ready, consider conversation topics prior to the event, plan and practice your self-introduction.
  • Conversation Starters
    • Prepare for and practice small talk. Small talk makes people comfortable, allows you to find common connections, and leads to relationships.
    • Ex.) Talk about the event (turnout, food, venue, etc.), current events (keep it less controversial), hobbies and interests, sports, or weather.
  • Be Professional and Be Yourself
    • Each firm has their own unique culture and you will only be truly happy and successful in your career if you are able to find the right fit for you.
    • If you must be someone else to “fit in” with the firm, reconsider working there.
  • Exiting a Conversation
  • o Now that you’ve joined and carried on a conversation, how do you politely exit the conversation?
    o Some examples include:

    • “Excuse me, I see someone I’ve been meaning to speak with. It was a pleasure meeting you.”
    • “It was great to meet you and learn more about...”
    • “I’d like to get your card so we can talk more another time.”

    o Breaking away is a good time to get their business card (if you forgot their name during the conversation, getting their card is a good way to refresh your memory).

    Useful Tips from RSM Professionals:

  • Doing your research on the firm before you approach their professionals and being able to talk about something specific that you’ve learned is a great way to demonstrate your
  • interest.

  • It is important to be yourself and to allow some of your personality to show when
  • networking. This is what helps differentiate you and would help show that you aren’t just a robot and would be someone they would enjoy working with.

    Available opportunities with RSM this Fall semester:

  • Internships and Full-Time positions