Firm: White Nelson Diehl Evans


Office Location: Irvine, CA

Date: 02/06/18


  • Sandra Hague - Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Manager
    • Been with the firm for three years and was previously a career counselor at a university
  • Nishil Akbai - Audit
    • Received a SLP offer last spring, and spent two days with WNDE last summer
    • Soon then, received a full time offer
    • Participated in mock interview with Sandra, and kept in touch during the recruiting season
      • Sandra recommends Mock Interviews to get great interview and resume feedback
    • Did an internship the same summer with another firm, but ultimately went with WNDE
  • Alex Diaz - Current Tax Intern
    • Recruited last semester with many firms, but ultimately went with WNDE
    • Enjoys the "family-oriented" atmosphere of the firm and has really enjoyed his first few weeks of the internship

Facts about White Nelson Diehl Evans:

  • Now 150 employees work at the Irvine, CA office
  • There were 97 employees two years ago and 11 interns at the Irvine office
  • They have a secondary office in Carlsbad, CA
  • WNDE just turned 90 years old
  • Focuses completely on private companies
  • The firm can be described as a "family"

This summer would be the firm's third time hosting a "Summer Leadership Program"

  • Sandra says, "She's constantly improving the program"
  • WNDE's SLP Participant Survey shows that participants had a great response towards it and found it incredibly useful
  • Sandra believes the SLP is a great way to find out if a firm is really a great fit or not, and if public accounting is a good fit for you or not
  • "It's really a two day interview" - Sandra

Resumes tips from Sandra:

  • SLP's look great on a resume even if it's from another firm
  • A resume is a snapshot of your education, work experience, honors, etc.
  • It serves as a selling tool of what you have to offer and creates a first impression of you
  • Sandra says, that your resume should answer the following question:
    • "What have you done at your previous job, paid or unpaid, that you can bring to the table?"
  • Sandra believes skills that you learned from being a barista at Starbucks apply to being a CPA at WNDE
    • Customer service
    • Communication skills
    • Time management
    • Multitasking

WNDE is looking for "well-rounded" candidates who demonstrate those qualities and characteristics. Those skills are more relevant in public accounting than many think because public accounting is a client-facing industry

Upcoming Events AS/BAP Events with WNDE:

  • Mock Interviews - 2/16
  • Meet the Firms - 2/22
  • Irvine Speaker Meeting - 3/5
  • Office Hours - 3/7