Spring 2017 Accounting Society Board Contact List
Position Name AS Email
President Jonathan Liu president@csufas.org
Mentoring Chair Ayaz Kermalli mentoring@csufas.org
Marketing Director Leo Cho marketing@csufas.org
Creative Director Teresa Miao creative@csufas.org
Creative Director Naoko Miyashita creative@csufas.org
Executive Vice President Katherine Diep vp@csufas.org
Events Committe Chair Thy Ho events@csufas.org
Events Committe Chair Collen de Grasse events@csufas.org
Events Committe Chair Brittani Deremo events@csufas.org
Events Committe Chair Howard Yi events@csufas.org
Peer-to-Peer Chair Grace Tan peertopeer@csufas.org
Peer-to-Peer Chair Charley Yim peertopeer@csufas.org
Webmaster Chair Vizan Giri webmaster@csufas.org
Social Media Chair Leo Cho socialmedia@csufas.org
Treasurer Andrew Kang treasurer@csufas.org
Treasurer Chair Duyen Lee treasurerchair@csufas.org
Speaker Meetings Chair Nara Chung speakermeetings@csufas.org
Speaker Meetings Chair Garrett Mentz speakermeetings@csufas.org
Speaker Meetings Chair Natalia Tsau speakermeetings@csufas.org
IIA VP Richard Castro IIA@csufas.org
VP of Correspondence Ying Hua correspondence@csufas.org
Professional Communication Chair Karen Lin publicspeaking@csufas.org
Community Service Chair Zhen Mu
Community Service Chair David Rojas
VP of Membership Jenny Tran membership@csufas.org
Membership Chair Mary Greene membershipchair@csufas.org
Membership Chair Christine Keleman membershipchair@csufas.org
Membership Chair Adrian Llorente membershipchair@csufas.org
Membership Chair Vy Nguyen membershipchair@csufas.org
Membership Chair Elvin Park membershipchair@csufas.org
Membership Chair David Phung membershipchair@csufas.org
Irvine Representative Justin Forman irvinecampus@csufas.org
Irvine Representative Sunny Sharma irvinecampus@csufas.org
Director of Operations Jocelyn Lee operations@csufas.org
Special Activites Chair Grace Kim specialactivites@csufas.org
Special Activites Chair Eunbee Megan Lee specialactivites@csufas.org
Special Activites Chair Soo Cathy Na specialactivites@csufas.org
BICC Representative Chair Andres Shen bicc@csufas.org
Office Tours Committe Chair Sam Chen officetours@csufas.org
Office Tours Committe Chair Jennifer Nguyen officetours@csufas.org
Recording Secretary Joseph Ratzlaff secretary@csufas.org
Office Hours Chair Tiffanie Bui officehours@csufas.org
Office Hours Chair Kevin Khong officehours@csufas.org
International Committee Chair Chiao-Yu Hsiao international@csufas.org
International Committee Chair Naoko Miyashita international@csufas.org
International Committee Chair Zhen Mu international@csufas.org
Spring 2017 Interest Board Contact List
Position Name AS Email
ACFE VP Grace Kim acfe@csufas.org
ISACA VP Jennifer Loiaza isaca@csufas.org
IIA VP Richard Castro iia@csufas.org
IMA VP Ana Orosco ima@csufas.org
IMA Secretary Danise Perez ima.secretary@csufas.org
IMA Secretary David Phung ima.secretary@csufas.org
IMA Secretary Naveen Mann ima.secretary@csufas.org