August 23rd

About us

Forty thousand employees worldwide

Our culture journey

Our culture drives our vision, drives values, and how we interact with each other

What is culture?

Our values

Culture is a choice

  • Can be structures can be changed can be molded.
  • Our values
  • Clear Collaboration leadership excellence agility respect responsibility

Behaviors is driven by values- Driven by outcomes.

Introducing ways for you to more positively influence the shadow you cast.

Preparing for recruiting season

Research- Think about what you want for yourselves. It is important to think about what you want so that you can identity what you are looking for.

Networking events

Things to consider

  • Size of companies
  • Company culture

What are companies looking for?

  • GPA
  • Polished communication skills
  • Enthusiasm and interest for the firm
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Involvement in campus

What is networking?

  • Small talk with a purpose
  • Art of building alliances
  • Important in aiding in job searches and in building business

Benefits of networking

  • Learn about job opportunities
  • Gain perspective about your target market/industry
  • Position yourself professionally/accelerate career path
  • Personal development
  • Strengthen existing relationships
  • Discover potential customers
  • Bonuses available to employers

Setting your agenda

  • Determine your goals prior to arriving at the networking event
  • Develop a “gameplan” of information you want to give and receive
  • Be straightforward about your agenda, it reflects professionalism
  • Don’t be afraid to break into and out of a group of people
  • Only a few minutes can go a long way

Getting started

  • Smile
  • Be confident
  • Be upbeat
  • Posture, eye contact, handshake, and appearance

Introduce yourselves

  • Extend a firm handshake
  • Reintroduce yourself if you think they don’t remember you
  • Consider starting with a question

Start a conversation

  • Allow time for professional “small talk”
  • Learn about the other person

Who to network with

  • College alumni
  • Extended family
  • Professors and alumni
  • Quality vs quantity


  • Send cards, emails, and newsletter
  • Focus on maintaining consistent contact
  • Do lunch, make referrals, play golf, invite them to another event

Fall recruiting timeline

Interviews take place in mid-October

Check with the career center

2nd round in-office interviews take place late October or early November

OCI is Monday 10/10

Application deadline is Friday, 9/23 at 11:59

Interview process

30-45 min

Held on campus

One on one

Office interview

Half-day to full-day