Firm: KPMG


Office Location: Irvine, CA

Date: 9/5/17

Primary Recruiter:

  • Janelle Huang ( [Currently out on Maternity Leave]
  • Torie Prothro (

Professionals in Attendance:

  • Matthew Roppo ( – Senior Manager, Audit
  • Isaac Chin ( – Associate, Tax

Speaker Meeting Topic: How to succeed in your first year as an Intern or Associate

  • Your first year as an associate is very important – you want to impress and build your brand and reputation. When you start your career, it is a good idea to start running out of the gates and building yourself up as a hard worker. From Day 1 to Day 365.

• 10 Attributes to a Successful Career:

  1. Attitude is everything: having a positive attitude can make the most strenuous tasks seem bearable.
  2. Take time to listen.
  3. Under-promise, over-deliver.
  4. Set goals: have a vision, be proactive.
  5. Be a team player.
  6. Professionalism: be aware of your surroundings, avoid hot topics.
  7. Written and Verbal Skills: regularly monitor your email and use business language.
  8. Take pride in your work: take pride in anything that bears your name.
  9. Play by the house rules: abide by the dress code, use of phones, and the expected working hours.
  10. Excel through questions: do not be afraid to ask questions. It is much better to spend 2 minutes of your supervisor’s time going over your question instead of spending 10+ minutes trying to figure it out on your own.
  • Attitude is the most important factor. Even if you forget #2-10 on the list above, just #1 alone will take you half way there to being the best first year Associate you can be.

Useful Tips from KPMG Professionals:

• Although maintaining a strong GPA is important, other factors are considered in an ideal candidate such as receiving feedback well and being a good team player.

• Ask good, targeted questions specific to the office.
Ex.) What differentiates KPMG’s OC office and LA office?

• KPMG’s Tax practice is great for partnership experience.

• KPMG’s Audit practice has a broad base of clients in the OC office, including Banks, Schools, Not-for-Profit, Asset Management, Automotive, etc.

Available opportunities with KPMG this Fall semester:

• Full-time and Winter/Summer Internship positions