M3 Speaker Meeting Notes

Founded by two twins, father joined in later on, therefore Murphy, Murphy, and Murphy

Firm started as a very small mom and pop firm, going door to door preparing tax forms in people’s kitchens. Now about 80 professional sized firm.

Primarily Tax

Company culture

  • Provide the best professional services, also being personal with clients
  • Provide personal and professional advancement to each member in the firm
  • Maintain environment of friendship and support
    • Your voice is heard at all levels
  • Company culture provides an environment where you feel like you belong

Firm Values

  • TRAQIR- teamwork, responsibility, acknowledgement, quality, integrity, respect
    • Team meetings have 15 minute slots dedicated to acknowledging notable team members
  • 60-80 hours January through March (Corporate) and April (Individual)
  • Also other big projects to work on
    • IE I haven’t done my taxes for 5 year, help
  • Business consulting work as well even during tax busy season
  • Tax planning projects with clients as well

Busy Season

MMM Culture outside of work

  • Want to keep that “homey” feeling
  • Themed lunches where you dress up and eat a catered lunch and play some games
  • Team days
    • Days where the firm closes down and the team goes out and does something fun like Knotts, Disc golfing, etc
  • Charity Events
    • Park cleanups, home refurbishment, etc
      • Clients are also brought in to help out with charity events
  • Friendly outings
    • Everyone ends up getting invited out to personal events, ie hiking or basketball games.

What firm culture fits you best?

  • Interview your firm
    • What makes you proud to work at this company?
    • How does this firm promote professional development
    • Path for advancement
    • What roles do company values play in hiring and performance reviews
      • At M3 TRAQIR plays a role in performance reviews as well, includes personal achievements
      • One mistake doesn’t define your career
    • What are some of the ways the company celebrates success