October 4, 2016

About us

  • -Top 30 of the top 100 firms
  • -Experiencing a continued growth


Founded in 1989 with 3 employees

  • -1994 Firm’s revenue surpassed 3 million
  • -Firm specializes with anything related to tax credits.
  • -Specializing in real estate.
  • -Firm's vision is to be involved with tax credits
  • -Projected revenue is expected to double

Why Novogradac

  • -586 employees
  • -44 partners
  • -100m in sales in 2014
  • -14 best of the best designations from inside public accounting

What makes this place special?

  • -Transparency- Firm management shares information through regular vision speeches
  • -You will always know how we’re doing and what direction the company is headed

Work Life Balance

  • -Goal of 8 hour workdays, nine months of the year

Team/ Community Environment

  • -We know how to throw a party
    • -Holiday season, end of busy season
    • -Firm Outings and happy hours

What makes this a special place

  • -Giving back
  • -Professional development- Extensive training opportunities offered in-house
  • -Nationally recognized training development

What we do?

  • -Tax credits for corporations
  • -Credits are issued every year
  • -Every year there are new project.