Privately held Middle market, mostly small companies up to $500 mil, some over that

Advisors for public companies to help them prepare certain more complex financial documents or tax provisions for their full service audit

Largest service is tax, full service otherwise

9 partners 7 tax, 1 assurance, 1 consulting, 50 total employees in Torrence


  • Apparel
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Food and Beverages
  • Services Providers


  • The development and maintenance of mutually valuable relationships
  • Helps obtain opportunities and build long-term relationships
  • Meet professionals who have skills you may or may not have
  • Network as professionals to build client base or get referrals from lawyers, bankers and other professionals

Networking concerns

  • Difficult to approach people you don’t know
    • Professionals are normal people, just approach them and talk to them
  • Not sure what you should say
  • Fear of embarrassment

Where to network

  • Attend AS/ BAP events
    • Meet the firms
    • Office tours
    • Speaker meetings
  • Join other professional organizations
    • AICPA
    • CalCPA
    • Toastmasters
    • Other non-professional/ sports clubs
  • Just anywhere
    • Social media a good thing to utilize

How to prepare

  • Make a self-assessment
  • Create a personal brand
    • Market yourself and your career as brands
    • Define yourself in a unique manner and make lasting impressions
    • Your brand is shaped by your public presentation, online and offline
    • Don’t even have to remember you based on your professional accomplishments, things like unique travel stories or experience can also help in a big way
    • Develop as a good reputation as a student
      • Work well in a group
      • Be involved in leadership and on campus organizations
      • Actively participate in class and build connections with professors
    • Build an online presence
      • Complete your profile as your online resume
      • Have a professional photo
      • Make your personal profiles private (Facebook, Instagram etc)
    • Develop your conversation skills
      • Ask open ended questions
      • Listen carefully to the answer and work off of that
      • Respond in ways that demonstrate your interest in the person/company and frame it against your own personal brand
  • Create an elevator pitch
    • Introduction
      • Name and good handshake
      • Where you’re from, goal, start date, service line preference
    • Who are you?
      • Highlight experience and skills listed on resume
    • What are you looking for?
      • Information? Internship/ fulltime position?
      • Why are you interested in this company in particular
      • Ask open ended questions to build a conversation
  • Don’t forget to follow up
    • Networking is a long-term activity
    • Follow up by email
      • Directly after the event
      • Prior to an upcoming event
    • Don’t over-do the following up
      • Emails every week, stopping by every week, calling the office is a bit much