How to Join Accounting Society

How to Join Accounting Society: Accounting Society is open to all business majors. To become an AS member, it is $40 a semester or $75 for a year long membership.

1. Sign up once applications open.

2. Pay your membership fee at our table in the Mihaylo Courtyard during the first 3-4 weeks of school from 8am to 5pm or 7pm Monday through Thursday. Keep your receipt for when you pick up the goodies!

3. Pick up your AS goodies at the membership table when available.

4. Wear your Accounting Society t-shirt around campus for good luck and to show your Accounting Society pride!

Applications are now CLOSED for Spring 2018. If you have any questions about our membership application, please feel free to email us at

How to Get Involved in Accounting Society

The first step is to become an Accounting Society member. Then apply for a board position near the end of each semester. Every semester, each board position becomes available for a new applicant. With over 20+ positions in Accounting Society, there are many chances for you to get involved. A Google form will be emailed to all members asking which position you are interested in and then select an interview date. Each interview consists of questions relating to your strengths, weaknesses and availability for your desired top three choices.

To become an executive board member, you must have experience with board involvement in the past. Please refer to the AS Bylaws for more information on qualifications for specific executive positions. Executive board members must be nominated by a paid Accounting Society member, and the nomination must be seconded by another paid Accounting Society member. If the position is contested, candidates will present an election speech and be voted into office by respective and physically present AS members.

Join the Buddy System or sign up for Peer to Peer events to meet board members and learn more about getting involved!