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In Accounting Society, there are multiple great opportunities to interact with professionals and fellow members. Highlighted below are some of the main events and activities that members can participate in. Some events require RSVP and/or a payment, and some don't require anything at all. In addition, there are many fun activities such as KBBQ socials throughout the semester! Join here and receive emails on the activities and events at the start of the semester.

The dates for these events and more are located here!


This is the most important networking event of the semester for students and professionals from the accounting community. Around 20 to 50 different accounting firms attend Meet the Firms and range from small firms to the Big Four and public to government. There is a firm for everyone to network with. Take advantage and prepare for this amazing event.

This event is a first come, first serve basis. Accounting Society members are able to attend for free and RSVP is required. Dress code is business professional.

*You must be a member of Accounting Society or Beta Alpha Psi in order to attend.*



AS & BAP Social was formerly known as the New Member Social. This is a fun event that provides a great opportunity to meet other members as well as enjoy some great food and games. In addition, there will be raffles during the event where members can win some awesome prizes. Dress code is casual and the event is free.

This event welcomes both new and returning members. RSVP is required for this event.



This is a unique opportunity where students are able to tour the firm's office to get a direct exposure to the working environment. This will also offer networking opportunities with the professionals from the firm.

RSVP is required. Furthermore, the attire and GPA requirement vary on the firm.



Almost every Tuesday, Accounting Society invites an accounting firm to come to Cal State, Fullerton. Beta Alpha Psi also hosts speaker meetings almost every Thursday. If you are a member of AS or BAP, you may attend any of the speaker meetings regardless of your affiliation. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the firm and network with the professionals. The firms range from small to big four and private to government.

Lunch starts at 12:30 pm, and the meeting will start at 1 pm on Tuesdays. RSVP is not required and the dress code is casual, but we recommend coming in business casual.



Our mentoring program pairs our members with student ambassadors who have received offers from CPA firms and CSUF alumni. There are 3 mandatory sessions, typically held on Saturdays during the first month of school. These sessions will have activities such as mock meet the firms, mock interviews, resume review, and more!


Spots are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

This program hits full capacity every semester, so RSVP fast! Breakfast will be provided. Dress code is business casual.



Accounting Fest happens every fall and is a great way to kick start recruiting! It is three days in Mihaylo Courtyard, with multiple firms present each day. Feel free to stop by whenever you are free, in between classes or work; you can stay for just a few minutes or the entire length of the event. Take advantage of this opportunity to network with professionals.


This event is open to everyone, so no need to RSVP. Dress code is casual, although business casual is optional.



The Bowling Tournament is a fun event where members are given the opportunity to interact with professionals on an informal basis. No prior bowling experience is needed!


This event is a first come, first serve basis. Members will have to RSVP and pay the fee to receive first priority to participate in the event. Dress code is smart casual.

*You must be a member of Accounting Society or Beta Alpha Psi in order to attend.*



There is no such thing as too much practice when it comes to interviews. Mock Interviews is an event where students can practice their interview skills with one or two professionals and receive direct feedback on your interviewing strength and weaknesses. This is also a great opportunity to network with professionals. Dress code is business professional.

This event is a first come, first serve basis. Accounting Society members are required to RSVP and submit their resumes to the chair members in charge of the event.



Office Hours is an event for students to meet one on one to meet with recruiters and experienced professionals from CPA firms hosted on campus. In this unique setting, a handful of selected candidates have the opportunity to ask professionals about their firm’s culture, advice on being considered for employment, or any inquiries regarding practicing in the accounting field.

To be considered, students must send in their resumes and transcripts to the Office Hours Chairs and RSVP before the given deadline. Depending on experience and qualifications, the candidates will be selected by the firm’s recruiter or Office Hours Chairs. The dress code is business professional.



Peer to Peer is a program that was implemented into Accounting Society in order to bring the members of AS and the members of our board closer together. It also helps inform the members of our society about the club and positions so that in the future our members can apply for board positions. This is a great opportunity to build upon networking and interpersonal skills for both new and returning members. If you are looking to build connections and friendships, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Food, gifts, and raffles will be provided. Make sure to RSVP when the email is sent out because there are limited spots.

Dates and times vary but it is typically three socials. The Peer to Peer chairs will email a sign up link. Dress code is casual.



The Awards Banquet is a fun, professional event towards the end of the semester. Students are seated at a table with professionals, other students and professors. This is a great opportunity to network, eat good food and celebrate students' achievements. Scholarship recipients and the new Accounting Society executive board are also recognized. Dress code is business professional.


Members are required to RSVP and pay the fee to the chair members in charge of the event.



We also host several other events such as:

  • Resume workshops

  • Cover letter workshops

  • Recruiting workshops

  • Professional communications workshops

  • Mock Meet the Firms

  • Socials such as KBBQ, Disneyland, Knott's Berry/Scary Farm, Billiards, etc.

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