Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sort of events does Accounting Society host?

We host events with our sister club, Beta Alpha Psi. Some events include: speaker meetings, office hours, office tours, Meet the Firms, Peer to Peer, socials, and more! Click HERE for more details and events.


2. Why join Accounting Society?

We provide numerous opportunities to network with professionals and we help members recognize the different possibilities within accounting. Our main goal is to help our members receive internships and full-time offers with accounting firms/companies. It is also a great way to get connected with other students and make new friends on campus.


3. Who are the firms we work with?

Click HERE for a list of firms and companies we have worked with within the past year.


4. It’s my first time in Accounting Society and I’d like to join board. Where should I start?

It is highly recommended to take part in Peer to Peer which is a program designed to help you make friends with current board members and other AS members as well as learning more about the various board positions you can apply for your following semester.


5. Can I attend Meet the Firms if I am not a CSUF student?

Unfortunately, no. You can only attend our Meet the Firms if you are a CSUF student. However, if you are alumni of CSUF Accounting Society or CSUF Beta Alpha Psi, we can place you on the waitlist for Meet the Firms. Acceptances are based on available spaces and whether or not our records indicate you were a registered CSUF AS/BAP member.


6. It’ll be my first time going to Meet the Firms. What should I bring?

  • 15+ resumes (if possible, printed on resume paper)

  • Padfolio

  • Be dressed in full business attire


7. How should I prepare for Meet the Firms?

  • Attend our events such as mentoring, resume/cover letter/recruiting/interview workshops, speaker meetings, etc.

  • Do your research before talking to firms

  • Have thoughtful questions and back up questions

  • Have an elevator pitch ready

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before

  • Eat food and drink water the day of


8. Do I have to attend every event/meeting?

Nope, all events are optional! However, we highly encourage attending as many events as possible. Attending several events will lead to numerous networking opportunities and with more practice, the easier it will be to network! Similar to a gym membership, you put in what you get.


9. Do I have to be an accounting major to join?

Nope, we accept all majors. The only condition is that you must be a student currently enrolled in CSUF.


10. Is there a GPA requirement to join Accounting Society?

No, our only requirement is to pay the membership fee, which is $50 for one semester or $90 for two semesters membership.


11. How can Accounting Society help me make friends?

There are several student events that you can take advantage of to make the most out of your membership including AS & BAP Social, Korean BBQ, Peer to Peer, and much more! We also have a buddy system to help pair you with other fellow AS members.


12. Can I only attend Meet the Firms?

Sure, but we recommend that you also attend other events where the firms come out. It is always better for professionals and recruiters to get as much face time as they can with you. This will allow them to get to know you better and see that you are making the effort and time to network with them. You will definitely increase your chances with recruitment and networking if you attend as many events as possible.


13. What is the no-show policy and how serious is it?

Click HERE for the no-show policy. We take the no-show policy seriously because we would like to maintain a good relationship with all of the firms who recruit from our university.


14. How is Accounting Society (AS) and Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) different from each other?

We host events in conjunction with each other, however, BAP has GPA and community service requirements. On the other hand, AS does not have a GPA requirement or community service hours. Both clubs require semester/annual fees and either clubs provide equal opportunities since our events are open to both AS and BAP. For more information about BAP, click HERE.



15. How can I check to see if I am CPA eligible yet? How do I know if I have completed my 150 units?

You can check if you are CPA eligible by looking at the CPA checklist on our AS website or by coming by our booth. You are also able to actually calculate how many units you have taken/still need to take on the CalCPA website using the CPA self-assessment PDF.


16. What kind of workshops does Accounting Society have?

We provide workshops such as resume building, mock interviews, networking, recruiting, etc.



17. Does Accounting Society check resumes?

There are several ways to have someone in AS look at your resume. You can attend the resume workshop, mentorship sessions, or you can take your resume to the career center (make an appt) and be able to have them help you improve it.



18. Am I able to get a personal mentor?

Yes. You are able to do that by simply networking at our events with other students or by attending our mentorship sessions where you are paired with someone who becomes your mentor.

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