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A closer look at some of Accounting Society's outstanding members and leaders:

This page features stories and testimonies from some of our members about how being an Accounting Society member has helped them to develop strong teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Being involved in Accounting Society can change your life. Click on each member's photo to learn more about their Accounting Society success story.

Tri Tieu

Jocelyn Lee

Grace Tan

Tiffanie Bui

Ambar Leon

Ophelia Wen

Josh Rangel

Doris Zhu

Sunny Sharma

Leo Cho

Evelyn Tham

Bao Luong

Timothy Kim

Jason Commerford

Juilia Liang

Elvin Paik

Katherine Diep

Shirley Lau

Gloria Chu

Donald Tran

Nick Fabrizio

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