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Accountemps Speaker Meeting

Post Published: April 24, 2019

Name: Accountemps Speaker Meeting

Date: April 18, 2019

Presenters: Annie Choi & Joseph Sapida

A Robert Half Company:

- Help people find jobs

Job Search Strategy:

- Common misunderstanding

- Only consider full-time employment

- Apply as many jobs as possible (Applicant tracking system - look for

keywords in your resume)

- Your skills are top notch (any company would want to hire you)

- Use job boards

- Cast a wide net

- Go back in time

- Post your resume selectively

Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Other Online sources:

- Specialized sites, aggregators, staffing firms, corporate websites, industry


Work with recruiter

- Helps you stand out

- Established relationships

- Specialized knowledge

- Honest feedback

Networking (online)

- LinkedIn professional photo

- Do not be afraid to send personal requests

- Make the connection clear

- Don’t be a pest

- Remain active

Avoid Resumania

- Getting the resume right

- Craft tailored resumes

- Think “at-a-glance” format

- Don’t go overboard

- One page resume, don’t embellish the truth

- Use keywords, and review your resume

CAR statements

● Challenge: conditions under which you did the work

● Action: what you did, actions you took

● Resolution

Cover letter: 91% of executives who said cover letters are valuable when evaluating job


Follow up email - within 48 hrs

Phone interview - have your resume in front of you

● Increase common way to narrow down candidates

● Not a casual discussion

● One misstep could be costly

In person interview

Can you do the job? Do you really want it? Will fit in?

When you answer standard questions, just be yourself

Body language:

- Weak handshake, poor posture, crossed arms, constant foot tapping, eye

contact, over enthusiastic smile

Finally, negotiating an offer

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