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Becker Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: April 10, 2019

Name: Becker Speaker Meeting

Date: April 9, 2019

Presenter: Nahal


Nahal is previous recruiter for PWC

The Pathway to CPA

Why CPA?

· 5%-15% MORE money!!

· Employment opportunities

· 75% of AICPA members will retire by 2020 (Baby boomers)

Steps to Becoming a CPA

1. Qualify – Meet state requirements

2. Apply – Submit your application and payment to sit for the CPA exam. Receive your Notice-to-Schedule (NTS)

3. Enroll in Becker, create study plan and study.

4. Schedule exam with Prometric

5. Sit for and pass CPA exam. Take Ethics Exam. Obtain work experience and apply for licensure.

Scheduling is good for 9 months. You have 18 months to take all 4. Schedule all your exam in 9 months.

Becker will give you interactive study plan to schedule your exam. Prometric site have a lot of good information that allows you to know about the exam day, what you can bring and not bring. Good to read through that and schedule a tour of the exam site before the exam.

Off the clock break after 3 tests.

Only section of exam that have written communication is BEC. Really important to pay attention to spelling and error and less of if you know the answer or not.

Changes in 2017 exam is geared towards more students that have graduated. Testing more of your higher order skill which is remembering & understanding, application, analysis, and evaluation.

Easiest to hardest - remembering & understanding, application, analysis, and evaluation.

Becker is the only ones that have their own software that mirrors the exam. They work with AICPA to come up with such practice exact question.

Exam Structure: Audit. Evaluation is 5-15%. (Only for audit). Analysis 15-25%. Remembering & Understanding 30-40%. Application 30-40%.

Start to study with Financial. Expected study time is 130-150 hours.

Regulation 100-120 hours of study time

Business 80-100 hours of study time.

About Becker

The leader in CPA Exam preparation for 60 years

Becker prepared

- TOP 100 Accounting firms that use Becker for their staff

- 2k firms, organizations and government bodies use Becker

- 1 Million candidates have prepared for the CPA Exam with Becker

- From 2005-15 over 90% Watt Sells Award Winners have used Becker

o Wat Sells are people who pass with 94% or higher

3 Ways review designed to fit any lifestyle

- Live study

- Live online streaming

- Focused Content

o Most current content on the Exam

o Integrated learning platform

o Relevant questions

o Materials that mirror the CPA Exam

- Flexible Learning Options

o Online

o LiveOnline

o Live

o Mobile

o FastPass – Fact crazy intensive to get all 4 in summer. Study each exam for 2 weeks. Full time job.

- 24 hour help line to help you. Flexible way of studying.

When you buy bundle (4 part review and final review plus flash cards) unlimited access.

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