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CBIZ Speaker Meeting

Post Published: November 17, 2022

Name: HaskellWhite CPA Speaker Meeting

Speaker Meeting Date: September 27, 2022


  • Ben Salyards - Audit Manager

    • Does a lot of biotech

  • Rane Clark - Associate (Tax)

CBIZ Overview

  • 100+ offices

  • 2,000+ associates

  • 82,000+ clients

  • 10th Largest Accounting Provider Nationally

  • Local. Trusted Nationwide


  • CBIZ is more than Audit & Tax

    • Advisory, Consulting, IT Risk and Assurance, Benefits & Insurance

  • National resources, local feel

  • Core Values:

    • We do the right thing

    • Our people matter

    • We are dedicated to the success of our clients

    • We expect to win

    • We are OneCBIZ

California | Overview

  • 300+ team members

  • 4:1 staff to managing directors

  • Top industries served:

    • Real estate

    • Biotechnology

    • Manufacturing

    • Agriculture

    • Construction

    • Not-for-profit

Recruitment Process

  • Internships and Full-Time opportunities in Audit, Tax and Litigation

  • Current Openings: visit website

The Right Cultural Fit

  • Firm culture is very important - they are your second family, especially during busy season!

  • Attend multiple firm events and meet as many professionals as possible to gauge the culture

  • Ask questions you care about at recruiting events! You can then better see the differences amongst firms

  • After interaction with a firm, think about how they made you feel afterwards. Was it warm and inviting? Cold and stern? What resonated with you?

Do Your Research

  • Does the firm have your preferred service line? Do they have a new service line you had not previously considered?

  • Check out their website and social media - what are they promoting that’s important to them?

  • Do the mission and vision statements resonate with you?

  • Who are their clients?

  • How do they promote professional development?

  • How do they promote community and work-life balance?

  • Do they meet criteria important to you?

Current California Openings (More details on firm’s website)

  • LA

  • Irvine

  • San Diego

  • Bakersfield

  • Oxnard

  • Encino

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