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Deloitte Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: Feb 13, 2019

Firm Name: Deloitte

Date: February 12, 2019

Campus Recruiter Deloitte: Kelly; Started in September

Summer Taylor: Managing director (Nonequity partner). Been with Deloitte for 20 years in the OC office

Pete Rodriguez: Started in LA office and moved to OC office

Arash: CSUF Alumni and graduated last spring

Avan: Last semester in CSUF and started in tax in June

Raed: Did SLP and will be doing audit intern

Karina: Rotational intern

Jocelyn: Tax intern

Who are We?

· One of the world’s largest and most highly regarded CPA and professional services organizations.

· Approximately 94,000 people in 120+ offices across the US

· Clients include many of the largest publicly held and privately-owned companies and governmental units in the world.

· In orange Country, we serve a variety of different industries.

- Financial services

- Healthcare Providers

Four Leading Businesses

· Audit and Assurance

· Advisory

· Consulting

· Tax

Spring 2019 Recruiting

Deloitte National Leadership Conference: Leadership conference for sophomores and Juniors who had demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and an interest in business/professional services.

Who should apply: Junior/Sophomores on a 5 year track.

CPA Eligibility Fall 2020/Spring 2021

Deadline to apply February 22nd

Campus interviews

Facility Overview

Deloitte facility include basketball court, barn, soccer field, TV everywhere, barbecue, workout clothes, and fitness classes. All available for trainees who are building new skills. DU invests in their employees and also allow their employees to build connection.

Who We Look For – How Can You Find Your Fit At Deloitte?

· Are naturally curious

· Are tech savvy

· Are excellent communicators

· Are strong team players

· Have a continuous learning mindset

You can find out what fit you may be at Deloitte in following link.

Technology changes the way Deloitte deliver services to client.

Audit of the Future

· Artificial Intelligence

· Big Data & Analytics

Put tableau on your resume if you learned how to use it:

· Block-chain

· Cloud

· Crowd-sourcing

· Digital

· Drones

· Mobile

· Robotic Process Automation

· Smart Sensors & IoT

Deloitte’s Innovative Audit Technology

· Argus

· Connect

· Disclosure analytics

· IConfirm

· Icount

· Optix

· Reveal

· Scribe

· Signal

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