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HKG, LLP Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: April 24, 2019

Name: HKG, LLP Speaker Meeting

Date: April 23, 2019

Small/Mid-Size vs. Big Four Accounting

- Client Base: Medium to small

- Many jobs that are shorter in duration

- Wide variety in types of clients

- Travel is limited but available is desired

- Making Parking

- Average length of time is 12 years

- Chances are 1 out of 20

You work with managers and partners quite often in a small mid-size accounting firm.

Big Four Accounting Forms

- Client base

o 85% large corporations (most SEC)

o 15% medium to small

- Fewer jobs that are longer in duration

- Less opportunity for exposure to wide variety of clients

- Significant travel

- Making partner

o Average length of time is 18 years

o Chances are 1 in 100

o Upper level partner’s compensation (Equity and Non-Equity)

In mid-size firm there tends to be a more casual aspect.

What Accounting Recruiters Look for in Candidates

- Communication skills

- Enthusiasm

- Creativity

- Problem solving ability

- Teamwork skills

- Highly motivated

- Excited about the firm

- Leadership

Typical First Year Responsibilities


- Observe inventory test counts

- Perform tests of internal controls

- Draft financial statements and auditors reports

- Develop recommendations for improving client productivity

- In-charge some smaller engagements


- Prepare individual, corporate, partnership, estate, trust, and tax-exempt entity returns

- Draft responses to federal, state, and city notices from taxing authorities

- Research tax issues

- Prepare tax projections under multiple income and deduction scenarios

First year split between tax and audit. You’ll see broad range of tax returns. Good learning experience because you look from bottom to the top.

Different types of industry

- Manufacturing

- Real Estate

- Non profit

- Medical practice

- Operating businesses in clothing industry

- Work with lots of different clients

- Types of clients you see may be the partner you are working for.

- A lot of clients in real estate

For Audit What Do You Enjoy The Most?

The challenging part you have to learn the in and out of the industry as a whole. You learn a lot of new stuff every time.

What is the Culture Like at HKG?

You work directly with partner and manager. Everyone knows each other. A lot of comradery with free food and drinks. Escape room event in downtown. Rented a room for a day and have fun. Happy hour close by DTLA to hung out. Promote a lot of comradery with team. Promote a good office setting and camadery.

What is the Workload like in HKG?

60-65 hours work week for staff level during busy season. Managers do not get paid overtime. We try not to overwork people too much, but public accounting expect you to work during busy season.

Really important to work with people. Being able to deal with stress. A good positive attitude is key when we look at new hires.

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