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Moss Adams Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: Oct 12

Firm Name: Moss Adams

Date: September 25, 2018


Brenda Torres – Tax

Jon Liu - Tax

Nick Bergamo – Assurance

New Hires & Interns:

Art – Tax Full Time

Joanna – Incoming Intern (SLP)

Dianne – Audit

Lizzy – Tax Intern

Thomas – Full Time Offer (Audit)


Footprint: Expanding west to east

“Even though they are mid-tier, they do have clients across the US, such as, going to open an office in Shanghai.”

GPA Requirements: Will not look at resumes with GPA under 3.0

Key metrics (DEPTH)

- 5k bonus when you pass CPA within 1st year

- 2nd or 3rd year the bonus drops

- No manager without CPA

- 5 weeks of PTO

- 90% - are you proud to be part of Moss Adams (confidential exams/survey) “Speaks to the type of cultural at Moss Adams” – Nick

- 26% partners are women vs 22% industry average

o Better than average – In 2008, they started form a W; “How can we retain the female

talent we have at moss?”

o 2020 goal is to get that number up to 30%

- Up to 3 mentors; three people are assigned to you – career advisor, buddy (2nd year staff), informal mentor (manager, partner, senior – anyone you’re comfortable talking to)

- “The more mentors you have, the better off you are.”

- 830K donated to various charities and orgs. If employees donate the company will match up to $500.

- CEO Chris Schmitt (CSUF Alumni)


- Industries (OC healthcare, Restaurant, Apparel, Construction, MFG, Tech, Science (bio medical)

o “Staff or senior roles you work with most industries; then you work into finding what

industry you specialize in.”

o Time frame for specialization – managers and senior managers that work with a handful of industries – nothing forced, it comes naturally.

- Just merged with a tech consulting firm

- Founded in 1915

- 280 partners

- 100 countries with clients

- 2900 professionals

How is performance evaluated?

- Consistent feedback (mid-year and end of year)

- Sit down with career advisor (career goals)

- Engagement reviewer, supervisors – feedback every couple week

- Formal feedback session you should have a good idea of what

Biggest challenges?

“Rapid growth is hard to keep up with, so the solution is to hire good talent” - Nick

Rotational program

- Interns do tax and audit

- 3 weeks in audit and 3 in tax (enough time to get general sense of what the service is about)

- “Keep an open mind” – Thomas


- Lots of consulting options

- Consulting professional at MTF

- Check website so see what services and positions they offer

- Difficulty: not many openings (limited)

“What does find your west” mean to you?

Educational opportunities

- Moss Adams pays for masters in tax

- offer Becker

- Firm wide training – BYU professors highlight more of the technical skills, lunch and learn every Wednesday that consist of new topics (informal training)

- On boarding training – buddy is going to shadow you and guide you

Big data

- Lots of software platforms they are getting work with

- Kira software – helps you read an article by inputting keywords (efficiency)

- Software tableau – analyzing for outliers

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