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Novogradac & Company LLP Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: May 13, 2019

Name: Novogradac & Company LLP Speaker Meeting

Date: May 9, 2019

Presenter: Brittany Rodriguez, Recruiter

Contact Info: 562-256-2322

Topic: Landing the Job of Your Dreams

Before the interview:

● Resumes

○ Resumes don’t get jobs, people do! Avoid internet depression

○ One page for students, include your GPA, use bullet points, use numbers

to quantify accomplishments, power verbs - controlled, developed,

administered, etc.

● “30 second commercial”: who are you & accomplished

● Interview checklist

○ Extra resumes

○ Portfolio and a pen

○ Cash and change for parking

○ Know where you are going ahead of time

○ Allow for traffic and plan to arrive early

○ Enter office 5 minutes early - no more

○ Stand in the lobby, never sit

During the interview

● Body language

○ Never lean back / cross your leg

● Small talk

○ Plan ahead of time what you want to talk about during down time

○ Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

○ Choose topics that help sell you

● Do’s and don’t

○ Do’s: listen, clean up social media footprint, research the company,

research the people meeting with you

○ Don’t: be late, dress for a date, sell too hard, dominate the conversation,

be rude to the receptionist, wear any fragrance

● “Do you have any questions for me?” - have questions prepared and written


● Know your value

After the interview

● Say thanks - follow up (always send a thank you letter/email)

Building your career

● Promotion to senior

○ Finishes client work on a timely basis

○ Makes few repetitive errors

○ Able to perform work efficiency (low write-offs)

○ Train new staff, communicate with staff, delegate work

○ Able to identify and communicate issues to manager

○ Professional communication with clients

● Get the credentials + build a strong network

Internship: Jan - March (full time), do audit + tax, no travel during intern

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