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RKE Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: May 1, 2019

Name: RKE Speaker Meeting

Date: April 30, 2019

Recruiting Manager – Jenna

Partner – Adam Wallace

Partner – Gregory Starkey

True work life balance at RKE. Maximum hours 60-65 hours a week.

About RKE

· Founded in 2006

· Torrance, CA

· Full service public accounting firm (Tax, Audit, Consulting)

· Nine partners

· Started by a founder who worked at Moss Adams


· Industries

o Apparel

o Manufacturing & Distributions

o Food & Beverage

o Service providers

· Revenues up to $300 million

· Privately held, middle-market companies

Winning Formula

· Service Model

o Big firm technical knowledge

o Small firm service

· Training and retention

o Rotation

o In-house CPE

o Low employee turnover

· Most trusted advisor

RKE is looking for someone who show up on time, and someone eager to learn. RKE is not the firm for you if you want to bounce to private firm. RKE is perfect for you if you are striving for public accounting.

RKE offers rotational program

Beneficial because RKE lets you try rotational program.

Adapting to changes

· Education

o Changing majors

o Drawing connections between disciplines

o Professor teaching styles

o Working while in school

o Balancing extracurriculars

Communication is key when you are adapting to changes.

On the Job

· Transition from student to professional

· Differing management styles

· Varying personalities

· Developing process and procedures

· Clients have industry specific issues

· Clients operate with different accounting systems and operating structures

· Tax law changes

There are many different ways for CPA to do stuff.

Unique about RKE is that you have unlimited independence to work and create something innovative. Work with the partner to figure out tax laws. RKE is the absolute best for you to excel as a public accountant.

The partner teaches you one on one and trust you with the brand-new concept. Partners in RKE are really involved with recruiting events.


· Being flexible

· Communication

· Transparency

· Utilize available resources

Ask questions! If you do not understand, ask them question!


· Time management

· Developing good habits

· Personal relationships

· Networking


RKE is a blend of small firm with Big 4 expertise. Good job of a workplace to benefit everyone involved. Ask yourself what you want to know and looking for in a firm.

Closing remarks

· Be proactive

· Learn & adjust

· Seek opportunities

RKE is an intimate firm that work together. Everyone knows everyone.

Subscribed to Becker CBE

CPA Partner for Becker and reimburse up to $2500 for CPA exam.

Recruiting process

· Recommend applying for SLP for every year. 1-2 days seminar

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