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RSM Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: Feb 6, 2019

Firm Name: RSM

Date: 1/29/2019

RSM Representatives

Jeff Kim – PCS Superviser

Private Client Service

Fun Fact – Finished a full marathon

David Griffin – Partner

17 years, CSUF Alumni

Fun fact – Done a marathon but never finish one

Jeff – CSUF Alumni

Fun Fact – Been to Vegas and saw the actual Elvis Presley

Robert Chamberlin – Audit associate

Graduated and started with RSM 4 weeks ago

Fun Fact Hiked Catalina trails

Amanda Nguyen – Audit Intern

Matthew – Audit intern

Fun fact – Schedule to audition as a kid but never did it.

Danna – Intern

Elvin – Incoming consulting associate

Grace – North Caifornia office consulting associate

Fun fact – play basketball with left but volleyball with right

Chelsey – Incoming associate

Hannah – Incoming audit associate

Paul Lee – Incoming risk advisory intern

Fun fact – Like to play video games

About RSM

  • The premier provider to the middle market.

  • Over 43,000 people in 120 countries

  • $5.1 bilion USD in worldwide fee revenues

  • 85+ Offices and nearly 10,000 people across the U.S. and Canada

  • Firm started in Iowa. The largest firm in Iowa

  • RSM offices located internationally.

Vision 2022

  • Started in 2017.

  • Respect – Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

  • Integrity – Whatever we do and say, we actually do it. Do not lie.

  • Teamwork – Work in teams because it is more efficient

  • Excellence – Take people out to clients to learn more.

  • Stewardship – Be promoters of the firm and represent RSM.

  • Strategy – Put clients and people evenly. We need good people and good clients.

  • Commitment to middle market – Training is geared towards serving the middle market.

  • Empower – Empower passion innovative team. Speak up if you have anything to improve.

  • No decision can be a bad decision

  • Firm have a national budget set aside for anyone who can improve the work and provide innovative

  • ideas.

  • Purpose – Deliver the power of being understood to our clients, colleagues, and communities.

Focus Industry

  • Consumer products

  • Business and professional

  • Financial services

  • Health care

  • Industrial Product

  • Real estate

  • Technology and life science

Specialty Industry

Nonprofit and education

State/local government

Federal government


11 employee networking group. Culture and diversity are really important for RSM. To empower employees so they can serve better to the clients.

Opportunities at RSM

  • Pathway Leadership Program

  • Network opportunity

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

  • Target accounting majors with 2 years left to 150 units

  • Interview process in Spring semester

  • Series of 2 days

  • Film overview, office visit, client interaction, community service, networking

  • 2 Interviews, in-campus and office.

  • SLP Leads to internships

Winter/Summer Internship

Winter program Audit and Tax

  • 12 week program

  • Busy season experience

  • Summer Internship

  • Audit & Tax

  • 8 Week program

  • Entry Level opportunities

Bachelor’s degree

3.0 GPA

CPA Eligible upon graduation

Start dates: January, July

What RSM Looks For

Time management skills, strong work ethic, leadership qualities, great motivation

Jeff: Pathways is honestly a great way to meet professional and get a full time offer. You get a 2-day

taste of the firm and meet a lot of people. People transfer line of service because it allows them to get

to know more of the firm. Employee network group, Jeff has been involved. Recruited 5 years ago to

look at a good fit of the firm. Key thing is to find a good fit and Jeff found his through inspiration. Firm

has invested a lot in ENG and having a diversify network.

Game played: Scattergories

Questions asked

What are common stereotypes of accountant?

What are things you should consider when choosing an employer?

What should you consider when choosing a Line of Business (Audit, Tax, Consulting)?

What are the biggest mistakes made by candidates in the recruiting process?

List tips of things to discuss to make yourself standout to an employer:

RITES – Core value of RSM

Don’t need a cover letter for RSM.

Do not fail to meet the deadlines

2 Summers away for graduating.

Power your education scholarship

$10,000 scholarship awarded to 10 individual

Simple video of 30 seconds

What does “Power of Being Understood” to you.

Individuals who win will automatically get SLP.

Midnight February 28th, central time.

Submit by 9:59 our time.


Master program or graduate will there be any help provided from RSM?

Eminence program where they provide education and training to get you out to conferences and access

of knowledge in different industry. As far as pursuing master, you won’t get reimbursed. On certain

levels there is reimbursement for master in taxation. (Senior)

In RSM it is easier to change line of business. We empower and help make that happen. You are never

stuck in anything in RSM.

When you mention career advisor is it someone at your level or above you.

Someone above your level. Interns get super navigator, there to support and guide you with growth and


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