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WNDE Speaker Meeting

Post Published: March 6, 2019

Firm Name: White Nelson Diehl Evans (WNDE)

Date: March 5, 2019

Sandra Hague, Talent Acquisition Manager

Alex Diaz, Tax Junior

Felix Badillo, Tax Intern

HQ firm located in Irvine.

Who Are We?

Full – service firm

· Assurance

· Tax

12th in top of accounting firm in OC.

One of Southern California’s largest regional accounting and consulting firm

Second office – Carlsbad, CA

· 150 Irvine Employees

· 12 Spring interns

Summer leadership program is a catalyst towards the intern.

Spring internship is held from January to May.

We do not have summer internship program, we have spring Internship.


Top work places of 2017. The OC Register.


· Manufacturing & Distribution

· Construction/Contractors

· Real Estate

· Retail

· Food Services

· Professional Services

· Public Services, Education, Recreation

Quality Integrity Balance

· 90 Years of service

· Focus on quality and client satisfaction while maintaining a work life balance and a sense of community among firm members

· Continued growth

Looking for qualities for candidates when Sandra interviews. Customer service skills anything that deals with customer is a good candidate. If you are good at problem resolving skills and good at thinking.

Balancing Fun and Work

· Every single month of the year the firm celebrates fun activities. (Halloween costume contest)

· Levels of people and friends that get together to have fun

· Annual summer firm event

o Wide event in summer (Beach)

o Firm integrates your significant other and your family

WNDE Career Path

SLP Participant > Intern > Junior > Senior > Supervisor > Manager > Senior Manager > Partner

Felix Badillo’s Career Path

Tax intern that started with going to speaker meeting and getting involved with Accounting Society. Attended meet the firms and recruited for a year. Felix did mock interview, office hours, and did many in depth research before the interview. Got SLP and accepted intern afterwards. First day of SLP is in office where they sell stuff to partner.

Alex Diaz

A transfer student and now he is sitting for CPA. Got with WNDE through the internship. Being involved in campus and getting your face out there. Mock interviews gave him great connection and he met Sandra afterwards. Never give up and going to events like career center and being involved is the way of success. Internship and fulltime will be really rewarding. The culture and people are family orientated. Little things and efforts shown by partner shows that they care about their employees. A lot of growth opportunity for WNDE. Make sure you always network in campus because friends can bring you referral to firms. (Refer bonus)

If you are series in a career on recruiting, it is best to network because sometimes you can be referred by other people.

Inaugural Summer Leadership Program

Summer 2016 Statistics

· Average GPA: 3.51

· 20 Participants (12 Juniors and 8 Sophomores

Being exposed to people in the firm is important because these will be the people whom you will be working with. SLP is the opportunity for you to get the feeling.

Highly recommend to apply for SLP

Why Participate?

· Hands on experience

· Gain clarity & understanding

· Meet Professionals, Partners & Alumni

· Looks GREAT on a Resume

· Demonstrates your interest in furthering your education/skills in public accounting

· Potential future internship opportunity

· Career Direction

Incorporate the SLP in your resume because it is better marketing for you.

SLP Program requirement

· Recruitment is from: February – April

· Open to Sophomore and Juniors

· 3.2 GPA (Overall and Major)

· U.S. Citizen or permanent residence

What is a Resume? VERY IMPORTANT

A summary of your qualifications; a snapshot of your education, work experience, honors, etc.

Serves as a selling tool of what you have to offer and creates a first impression of you

Most commonly used for employment. Also used for internships, graduate school, scholarships and leadership positions.

Preparation for your Job Search

In interview, make sure you present yourself on paper, you must be in tune with you!

List out your accomplishments, skills, goals, experiences and interests

Identify the industry and employers for whom you would like to work

Looking for people who are dedicated on pursuing public accounting.

She wants you to list out your failures and how you resolve them

We have to learn by our mistake and know that you are a human being.

Know the company and give example on how you understand the company. It is nice to show that you did research and know something about the firm. We need people who are devoted and committed

Interview Itself

Desire to go into public accounting

NO ROBOT ANSWERS – just be yourself and be confident

Have fun during the process, laugh and smile during the interview is what she is looking for. A firm that has a lot of fun and always joking around.

Laughter is great and Sandra wants you to be yourself.

Sandra makes the summer leadership program selection.

Showcasing your summer experiences (summer job, volunteer work, and any service you did)


Always be proactive

Practice interview

Step out of your comfort zone

Wednesday 3/13 On-Campus Interviews

Resume Submission Deadline: 3/5/19 at 11:59 PM

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