Fall 2020 Executive Board Election


Hishmah Hamid

Executive Vice President

Denisse Lopez

Sophie Zhou

Executive Vice President Q&A

00:25 - Time Commitment

02:30 - How do you ensure your peers complete their tasks? 

04:40 - As someone who can step-in as the president, can you speak                on a time when an event was not going as planned and what                  did you do to ensure its success?

07:10 - COVID-19: Fall semester may start virtually, what are some                     changes you believe Accounting Society should make to                       ensure members get a similar experience as previous                             semesters?

10:20 - The EVP is in charge of the No-Show Policy. If one of your                       friends receive a second-degree no-show and claims they will               end the friendship if not removed, what would you do?

14:05 - How would you recommend new members to get more                           involved with Accounting Society (recruiting, social)?


Angel Villatoro

VP of Membership

Sharon Wang

VP of Correspondence

Judith Guerrero

Lauren Ruiz-Lumanog

VP of Correspondence Q&A

00:25 - Time Commitment

01:55 - How would you work with professionals who aren't                                   satisfied with the recruiting schedule?

04:40 - How do you ensure those you collaborate with meet work                         expectations?

07:55 - For students interested in learning more about careers                            outside of public accounting, how will you find                                        opportunities for those students?

10:45 - COVID-19: The VPC is in charge of the recruiting                                     schedule, how will you adjust the switch to virtual? 

14:25 - Will there be support groups for recruiting outside of                               public accounting (government, private)?

Director of Operations

Gabe Vivanco

Recording Secretary

Derrick Duran

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