Mission & Values

We are committed to exposing students to opportunities for networking and career development that prepares them for the financial and accounting world. The foundation of Accounting Society is based on three core values: integrity in business, the pursuit of knowledge, and professionalism. Accounting Society is dedicated to providing the best experience for our members and connecting them with networking and professional development opportunities. Click Here to Join!

Events & Activities

Throughout each semester, Accounting Society organizes a variety of networking events that help facilitate interactions between the members and employers. In addition, we have various training programs and workshops to better prepare members for networking and recruiting with professionals. We also have various socials where members can come to bond and create lasting friendships.

Career & Networking

There is a reason why Accounting Society CSUF is the largest student organization on campus. We provide exceptional networking opportunities with Big 4, national and regional accounting firms, various government agencies and private companies. These include speaker meetings where representatives from firms come to speak about their experiences, informative panels, career development workshops, firm office tours, office hours with accounting recruiters and professionals and more.

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