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Deloitte Speaker Meeting Notes

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: Sept 20

Firm Name: Deloitte LLP

Date: September 18, 2018


Claire Chang – Recruiter

Francis – Audit senior

Dani – 2nd year audit

Cara – 2nd year tax

Jason Fernandez – Audit senior manager

Jimmy Ngo – Tax Manager

What is public accounting?

o Broad range of accounting audit tax and consulting

o Corps, govt, non-profits

o Exposure to a lot opportunity involving big corps and C-suite professionals

- Deloitte is the biggest in terms of size

Who are we?

- Largest CPA and professional services organization

- 64,000 people in 100+ offices (USA)

- 6 major segments of the economy


- Apply on Titan Connection

- Website (found on Titan Connection)

- Preference link (for preferences of location)

Net Worth: 38.8 Billion net worth

4 different business entities

- Audit & amp; assurance

- Advisory

- Consulting

- Tax

o Each service is their own entity – they can stand on their own two feet, should the

business not do well

o Same values and culture

- Only Big 4 that has a fully functioning consulting department

Audit and Assurance

- What does an auditor do?

o Auditors look at financial statements and perform certain procedures

- Why do you guys think an audit is required?

o Investors need to trust the financial statement; protect the capital markets

- Day to day basis

o Changes at all levels of your career

o 1st year tedious work – “as you progress the more fun you have”

o “Amazing how quickly you get respsonsbility”

o Senior manager 80% non-audit related, looking for new clients, research, work


o “No two days that are exactly alike”


- Managing tax is a critical part of an effective business strategy. We help our clients understand tax structures and minimize the tax effect of complex decisions.

- New hires will gain exposure to a variety of companies and industries and develop strategies for assisting various clients with tax planning, tax rates, and achieve performance objectives.

- “Lots of consulting opportunities”

- “Lots of listening, note taking”

- First 3 years is a huge learning curve for new hires

Day in the life

- Tax research you do as a staff

Typical career path

- Intern

- Staff

- Senior (3yrs)

- Manager (3yrs)

- Senior manager (depends on performance)

- Partner

Accelerated career path

2 years of staff then senior

Quick responsibility out of college

Performance based

“You are looked at as an expert very early on your career – soft skills are extremely important.” - Jason

We look for..

- Accounting majors

- 150 semester units

- Involvement on campus

- Strong grades

- Great communication skills

- Well-rounded, goal-oriented individuals who can interact with clients

- Keep in mind – the formal trainings and on the job trainings you will receive in public accounting will ensure that you are 100% prepared to do your job!

- Have an open mind and a positive attitude!!

Qualities of a strong intern:

- Good attitude

- Willing to ask questions and raise your hand

- Be honest

- Mindset to always be learning – take notes

- Everything will be new so be ready to learn

Save the date:

Application deadline; Sept 28th 2018 (all Big 4)

On campus interviews: Tues, Oct 9th

Explore your fit!

- Fill out this survey to see what service line you best fit into

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