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EY Speaker Meeting

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: Feb 6, 2019

Firm Name: Ernst & Young (EY)

Date: February 5, 2019

Campus Recruiter EY: Jackie Devitte

Changes with Recruiting

Freshmen: Apply to Global Perspectives Conference

Sophomores: Summer 2020 Service Line Internship | Assurance | Tax | Risk Advisory

Assessed for this early internship offer, including invite to the 2019 Emerging Leaders Program

Juniors: Summer 2019 Service Line Internship | Assurance | Tax | Risk Advisory

Seniors: Full Time Opportunities | Assurance | Tax | Risk Advisory

Instead of applying to a Emerging Leader Program, you apply for the Summer 2020 Service Line

Internship and choose your service line.

Program is no longer in summer, but now is in May.

After attending to the conference, you will be invited to the Summer Service Line Internship of your service line.

Interview Process

1. Apply (Deadline is February 22 nd , completing all instructions listed on Handshake.”

2. Prerecorded video interview (Select candidates complete their prerecorded video interview

within 48 hours)

3. On Campus Interviews (Candidates moving forward will be invited to complete (2) on campus

interviews on March 12)

4. Emerging Leaders Program (Selected candidates will be invited in mid-April to the Emerging

Leaders Program (May)

5. Offer (Early summer 2020 internship offers will be extended shortly after ELP)

ELP allow you to see if this is right fit for you and also allow you to network. May 16 th is the social

Panel Speakers

Jed – Assurance Manager -Deal with real estate and graduated in 2012. 7 th Business season (Assurance)

Dev – Joined EY for 6 months and graduated in CSUF in 2017 (FSO service line)

Bernadette – Tax Senior (Private Client Services)

Viking – Worked in China EY for 6 years. Senior Manager in Advisory practice.

  • For assurance, we need someone willing to learn and someone who wants to learn about business and how it works. Wanting to learn and development of businesses as well as how to apply GAAP is what assurance is looking for.

  • Project management – Being able to manage yourself. It will be a lot of self-management when you transition from college.

  • Staying organize is very important. Make sure to have client folder and have attention to details.

  • Depending on your clients, make sure you have the mindset of staying organize.

  • Risk professional perspectives, we need to be open minded. Looking for someone who wants to learn something new and looking for someone who wants challenges. Training's are provided for people who want to improve their skill sets.

  • Across all service line, we are looking for people who asks questions. If you don’t understand something, ask questions.

  • (Open door policy) If you do not ask questions, we will not be able to provide you with the opportunity.

Biggest misconception about your practice?

1.Risk Advisory spend 50% of the time on internal audit.

2. Does Tax stay in office all the time?

Not true, because as a tax staff you will be out with client.

3. Is tax boring?

Depends on where your interest focuses on.

4. On FSO side, people think that FSO deals with financial services.

FSO is external audit work. Auditing and assurance work. If you are looking in banking, broker, or dealer then you would like to be focus on FSO.

Data analytics is very important, because it allows us to look at the businesses. We can offer specialist to help client through communication.

Every EY professionals are open minded to clients. Willing to help each other allows them to serve clients better.

Advice to choose which service line

Tax – Basic understanding between audit and tax. Look at EY website to see what service line are

offered. Take a step back and do research on what tax is all about to see if it is fit for you.

Risk advisory – Technology and deep learning.


Master’s Program (Master of Taxation)

A degree program related to your job, the firm will reimburse you for that.

CPA Exams will be reimbursed once you are on board (BECKER STUDY MATERIAL) For any other study

material, there is a specific cap.

Important things you need to ask yourself.

1. What to practice?

Assurance, Tax, Risk Advisory

2. Which industries?

Financial Services (FSO), Industries outside of financial services (Referred to as Core)

3. Where?

Work location preference (Restrictions apply)

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