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EY Speaker Meeting Notes

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Post Published: Sept 20

Firm Name: EY

Date: September 11, 2018


Jackie Devitt – 5 years, Recruiter (Spanish major/ speaks fluently)

Amy - Senior, 4 years, Audit service

Jimmy Levers - CSUF alum, Senior manager (real estate practice, KBS real estate, Chipotle)

Four industrial revolution


Industrial revolution


Everything is about data

Data information – marketing that is done through analytics

Changing the way things are done

Technological Disruption is changing our lives (Presented by Jimmy L.)

- Efficiency has increased

- Technological Disruption is changing our business

- “We have to keep staying on top of analytics.”

- We got these tools that do a lot for you – analytics

- “A better quality audit due to the analytical tools.”

- “When you come in as a new hire we want you to come in and work on higher level stuff.”

o This technology will allow you to work on higher level




Transactions advisory services

- Different branches (tree – real estate specific; valuation, purchase price allocation, market assumption)

- Start up needs to get Fair valued



At EY, our clients can expect us to:

- Be fully committed as we solve their challenges

- Have an account-centric, long-term industry view

"A better working world starts with a better culture. Be part of it.” - Jackie

Top 10 employers for females

Working mother


Encourage people to shape their careers and prepare themselves for the future – whatever it may bring

By becoming better equipped and differentiated in the market

Virtual interviewing

- Leveraging digital to re-imagine our recruiting process

- Pre-Recorded video interview (PRVI)

- 5 to 7 questions

- 2 times to record (decide between the two)

- 30 seconds to think of answer

- 3 minutes to record

- Video and audio recording

- Assessing the content of your response

- NOTE* maybe link the tips on the notes

- 2 days to complete

- If chosen, then you have an on campus interview

- Live video interview (LVI)

Risk Advisory interview

There will be behavioral interview

One case study – problem solving skills


David – tax senior

Kendra – tax senior

Drew – tax

Abdul - First FSO in Orange County

Kevin – incoming risk advisory staff

Amanda – assurance

Sungook – core assurancee

Camile – global internship (tax)

Jaime Cha – assurance

Danielle – assurance

Monica – tax

Justin – assurance

Mario – assurance

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