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LA Water District Speaker Meeting

Post Published: March 27, 2019

Name: LA Water District

Date: March 26, 2019

Only require resume to apply. Deadline is March 31st.

Salary is around $80,000 a year

Utility Accountants

Department of Water Power

Been great working with DWP, because better work life balance.

Government job

DWP is largest municipality owned utility company

- Make the best employer list for Forbes in 2018 and serve a million and a half customer to residential and commercial customer.

- Provides water and electric. Serves the city.

Andy is an undergrad and his company pays for his graduate program in CSUF.

A lot of growth in the company, so there are many opportunities to get promoted.

There is a 6-month promotion. A lot of opportunity and a really good time to join the company. 60% of workforce is eligible to retire and the promotion is high.

Salary is competitive.

With utility accountant at LADWP, starting salary for 2 years is $47,000. Entry level is $80,000 starting (Tier 1)

There are 5 tiers, when you start you get to tier 1, after promotion you go to next tier. Every year, you get 5.5% increase into your salary. Promotion will bring you to the next step.

DWP is paid hourly, therefore you get more for overtime and double on weekends. Potentially you can make up to $100,000 a year as entry.

As a CPA, you get bumped to the next level and next tier. Looking for position that have 24 accounting units or 36 quarter units that have accounting degree and graduating in 6 months.

When you get hired, you get probation period of 6 months. After probation you get all the benefit. After passing 1 year, you get vacation (80 hours of vacation) holidays, 40 hours sick time.

Accumulate vacation as soon as you start, but you only can use it after a year working with the company.

Work life balance – Office has a gym.

Work schedule – offers a really flexible schedule.

Overtime – you get paid or you can accumulate overtime to use it for time off.

What it is like working

- People are nice, chill co-worker.

- Good environment to be working at.

- Meet a lot of different people. Equal opportunity employer and there is a diverse employee base.

Basically, the position they are promoting is a wide range of responsibility. A department of payroll, cost accounting, financial planning, and many department. Depending on your fit, you will go to a department or another.

Government agencies – however, LADWP is like a C corp. What ever they sell, the revenue will be used for payroll. The accounting work they do is similar to C Corporation.

Utility accounting – includes finance and accounting.

If you are not interested in doing utility company, you can transfer to another department.

Usually city transfers to LADWP because they give better benefits.

Government application and HR will take a while to hear back from. Around 8 months of interview to the day officially get hired. A very long process of being hired. Don’t quit your job until you get hired.

Government job have pension. Good for retirement.

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