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Skinner Fouch & Olson, LLP Speaker Meeting

Post Published: Sept 11

Firm Name: Skinner Fouch & Olson, LLP

Date: September 4, 2018

Professionals in attendance:

  • Tim Reyes

    • Been with the firm with 14 years

    • CSUF alumna

  • Grant Bishop

    • Undergraduate from UCLA 15’

    • Master’s in taxation from CSUF

Founded in 2004

  • Currently have about 20 employees

  • Tax service only


  • Specialize in real estate, principals and partnership taxation (85%)

    • Strip centers, home builders

  • Tax return make-up

    • Partnerships, C-corps, individuals, 1031 exchanges

  • 15% mix of various businesses

  • “Business is growing and were looking to hire” - Tim


  • Environment: family, partners have an open-door policy, easier to work with the partners (directly)

    • Everybody gets along

    • No politics

    • Personality fit is important

    • Everybody works with everybody

    • Diverse quality of feed back

    • Schedule 8:30-5:30pm

    • Normal office hours – get in and get your work done then no one will be over your shoulder

    • No micromanaging

    • Collaborative culture – open to questions from staff

    • “If you have a question just get up and ask.”

Day to day overview:

  • 1st busy season

    • From day one your learning – one client and the returns are the same

    • Set of financials and fixed assets, depreciation, partners

    • Realistic expectations

  • Keeping things efficient

  • “Nothing in college really prepared for the day to day at the accounting firm.” - Tim

  • The firm expects you to have questions

Internship insight:

  • Busy season as an intern 20 – 24 hours

  • Seeking 2-4 interns for the busy season

  • The job posting is already on the CSUF webstire

  • $19/ Hr – January through April

  • Training is provided

    • Typical schedule – 3 days a week (8hrs)

    • Some might work (5 days a week) 8am – 12pm

    • Take advantage of working more and coming in on the weekend – firm won’t be opposed

    • Lunches are provided for busy season

    • Office events – April 15th, Summer events, Christmas parties

    • Offer a competitive salary

    • 401k

    • If you work hard you will get rewarded

    • “A resume does not indicate success.” – Tim

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